And Now for Something Completely Different

Renewable technologies are constantly evolving, with manufacturers pushing the boundaries in innovation to find new solutions to meet our net zero target.

Logistics and renewables consultancy, Inner Viking Ltd, have partnered with some of the most pioneering companies in flow, solar and wind generating solutions from across Europe and brought their products to the UK market – many for the first time!

Next time you have a customer looking for something a little out of the ordinary, why not bear one of these in mind…

1. New World Wind Trees – A wind turbine, but not as you know it

Ideal for communities and businesses alike, the Wind Tree is composed of three steel ‘trunks’ that stem into tinier branches on which the 36 leafshaped wind turbines are attached.

The Wind Tree can exploit all types of wind, from gentle breezes to powerful gusts in both urban and rural environments. You can even choose the colours of the leaves and trunk!

2. DynoRotor – Micro hydro solution for slow moving water

DynoRotor’s breakthrough technology is in its unique blade design which allows it to produce both low-cost power and clean drinking water from slow moving water. Unlike most hydro technologies that require fast flowing water, DynoRotor systems have a unique design that utilises both lift and drag forces to extract energy. What’s more, it’s small, simple, inexpensive, robust, and doesn’t harm marine life.

3. Wingardium Energy Vortex Hive – A wind and solar link-up

The Vortex Hive is a solution for local energy generation on roofs of offices and apartments. It uses a combination of solar panels and revolutionary Vortex wind turbines that channel wind through diffusers to increase velocity and, therefore, power. The construction system is modular and has a simple expandability, whilst the design also allows other building techniques, such as air handling units, to be integrated into the installation.

Have you come across any innovative renewable energy solutions? Get in touch with us.