Never fitted a heat pump?

Following the government’s announcement to significantly ramp up heat pump installations between now and 2028, LG has seen a surge in interest for their Therma V range of heat pumps, which are considered to be an easy transition for installers looking to either make the switch from traditional gas boiler fitting, or to add another string to their bow.

UK & IE heating manager, Andy Hooper, singled out the Therma V R32 Monobloc unit as an easy entry point:
“It requires no F-Gas expertise at installation. It’s a very simple alternative to a boiler-driven heating and hot water option and is the simplest installation for traditional installers to get to grips with. The monobloc connects to the wet central heating system in the same way as a gas boiler – no new tools will be required. It’s an ideal entry point for installers to add heat pumps to their existing portfolio of heating options for their customers.”

Time to upskill?

LG is all too aware that simply stacking the shelves with heat pumps is only half the battle and, as has been cited by numerous industry experts, there needs to be a significant upskilling of the existing workforce to meet the new demand. The Heat Pump Association has highlighted the steadily increasing number of installers we will need in the UK between now and 2050 and that figure rises from just over 1,000 in 2020 to more than 40,000 by 2050. This may look daunting, but Andy is optimistic.

“In reality that means that only 48% of the UK’s current Gas Safe registered heating engineers would need upskilling. It’s a staggering figure [quoted by The Heat Pump Association] but represents the number needed to cope with the anticipated workload as the years go by and the recognition that heat pumps are the only sensible way forward as we head for decarbonisation by 2050.”

Join the revolution

LG is currently offering free courses at two training centres – its head office in Weybridge and GREenergy training centre in Chesterfield close to the M1.

The LG Therma V series of air-to-water heat pumps comprises a full suite of options – monobloc, splits, and high temperature – and LG will continue to provide free-of-charge training on the Therma V Heat Pump to ensure that facilities are there to help increase the numbers of competent heat pump installers. Attending a BPEC renewable course is always advisable and will enable the full range of heat pumps to be available to heating engineers