Green Homes Grant – Much needed boost or mismanaged botch?

Depending on what you read, the Government’s hastily deployed Green Homes Grant is either a quick win for both energy conscious home owners and installers alike, or an ill-executed appeasement plan to divert attention from the perpetually delayed Energy White Paper.

Earlier this month, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis asked his 1million+ Twitter followers if they had applied for a Green Homes Grant and their thoughts on the scheme.

Among the slew of criticisms, the inability to find nearby installers willing and able to offer a quote was a common problem, while others bemoaned the restrictive six month window, with many installers booked up well into 2021. The complexity of the ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ measures also came under fire, as some homeowners were unwilling to undertake, what they deem to be, unnecessary measures simply to qualify for the work they do require.

In response, a spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said;
“We are working closely with industry to ensure there are enough installers to meet demand. Over 1,000 companies have signed up so far with more registering every day, including many businesses that operate nationally with substantial capacity to carry out work across the country.”[1]

That’s the public opinion and government standpoint… but what’s your experience as an installer or specifier? Get in touch with us here.