MCS calls for improvements to Green Homes Grant

Following the launch of the government’s Green Homes Grant on 30th September, Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, calls for improvements to be made for the long-term benefit of installers and consumers alike and highlights the challenges presented by the scheme;
“Since the launch of the Green Homes Grant, we have been fielding calls on a daily basis from installers seeking clarity and expressing their concerns over what they feel are flaws in the scheme.

“Having had something of a turbulent year due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, they have now experienced a return to work and are busy delivering on existing projects that had been paused, meaning that they don’t necessarily have capacity to fulfil new work under the Green Homes Grant.

“It’s also proving to be a challenging process for homeowners, as the eligibility assessment asks quite specific questions about property infrastructure that your average homeowner is unlikely to know. Consequently, a great deal more work is needed to help consumers understand the best options for making their home more energy efficient.

“Many installers feel that the grant should be extended beyond March 2021 to enable more consumers to take advantage; a view that we share. If one of the key aims of the scheme is to create 100,000 new jobs within energy and renewables, then the current window simply does not equip those in the sector with the confidence to make the necessary long-term investment. For businesses already engaged in the installation of renewable energy, the window to March 2021 – with no promise as to what might follow – doesn’t provide reassurance or the time to train new installers.

“What we would like to see is a commitment to the extension of the Green Homes Grant, backed up with an understanding of how the sector will be supported in the coming years. With those assurances, we are confident that the scheme will play a strong part in helping to build confidence and grow our industry.”