Installer webinars launched on new MCS scheme requirements

MCS is inviting installers to take part in a number of interactive webinar sessions designed to explain the impact of changes recently made to the scheme requirements.

The webinars will provide an overview of what has changed in MCS001-1, MCS001-2 and MGD001 which includes; simplified requirements around a Quality Management System, changes to Consumer Code membership, changes to the auditing process and clauses to strength of enforcement.

The webinars will be delivered by MCS director Chris Roberts who says they will be useful for installers, business owners, office administrators and anyone considering becoming MCS certified.

Roberts said; “This first step simplifies the overarching scheme standards to make it less bureaucratic and more streamlined. This work will be followed by the simplification of the technology specific installation standards and we expect to start releasing these over the next few months. Our standards management going forward will include regular reviews and updates to ensure continuous improvement delivered at pace.”

There will then be a transition period of 12-months to accommodate a move from the existing to the new standards.

The webinars will take place on July 16 (1230-1330), July 21 (0800-0900) and July 28 (1830-1930).

To reserve a place online visit: