MCS publishes solar PV installation standard consultation

MCS has launched a one-month consultation on changes to its installation standard for solar PV systems (MIS3002).

The new draft of MIS3002 adopts the IET Code of Practice for the installation of solar PV systems, but also fills in gaps and reinforces some of the requirements.

It also incorporates the energy performance method from the old guide but separates the shade assessment into a new guidance document MGD005.

This shade assessment is now optional and MCS-certified installers can use other shade assessment methods, as long as they are no less valid.

MCS says it is also interested in receiving suggestions for other simplified shade assessment methods which can be adopted instead of that contained within MGD005. Any such methods should be reliant on proprietary software packages, however, as MCS says it would not be appropriate for it to adopt or endorse software from any one particular vendor.

The deadline for submissions is May 7 2020, with details for how to respond to the consultation available online at: