Grant heat pumps extend guarantee with G1 Scheme

Grant UK is excited to reveal that G1 Installers who are accredited to fit its heat pumps can now access longer guarantees on the Aerona³ heat pumps that they purchase, install and register through the G1 Scheme.

From 1st March 2020, Aerona³ units which are installed by a G1 Air Source Heat Pump Installer will be eligible for a 7-year guarantee which is two years longer than the 5-year heat pump guarantee previously available through the Scheme. This longer guarantee period is not only an added benefit of being a G1 Scheme Member but it also provides peace of mind to homeowners who can enjoy a 7 year guarantee on their Grant heat pump.

In order to be eligible to be an accredited heat pump installer through the G1 Scheme, installers must have successfully completed the Grant Air Source Heat Pump product training course. G1 Scheme Members who are listed to install other Grant technologies, such as oil boilers, can only extend their Scheme accreditation into heat pumps if they have completed the necessary training requirements for this technology. Once an installer becomes accredited to fit Grant heat pumps on the G1 Scheme, they will then be able to offer their customers 7 year guarantees on the Aerona³ heat pumps they install and register through the G1 Scheme (subject to Terms and Conditions).

The Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps from Grant are their greenest, most efficient generation of heat pumps yet. Achieving some of the highest performing SCOPs in the market today, Grant’s Aerona³ heat pumps offer both installers and their customers plenty of benefits. Straightforward to install, simple to maintain and service, compact in size and quiet in operation, and now with guarantees of up to 7 years through the G1 Scheme, the Aerona³ heat pumps can deliver sustainable, reliable home heating for years to come.

“Renewable technologies are becoming increasingly popular with air source heat pumps playing an important role in the industry and for all of us here at Grant,” comments Kevin Ellis, Renewables Sales Manager at Grant UK.

“To meet the growing demand for our heat pumps, Grant UK is striving to deliver a cross-section of customer support to ensure that engineers are equipped with the tools they need to specify and install Aerona³ heat pumps. Whether this support be in the form of pre-sales technical advice, such as heat loss calculations and product specification, through to MCS sign off or now the longer guarantee periods available to G1 accredited heat pump installers, Grant UK is committed to not only developing high performing air source heat pump units but also delivering installer and customer support before, during and after installation.”