Smart Export Guarantee

The Solar Trade Organisation has welcomed the introduction of the Smart Export Guarantee as a much-needed boost to the domestic solar PV market.

Effective from January 1, large energy suppliers are now obligated to offer a tariff for power exports from renewables systems smaller than 5MW.

The SEG also plugs a nine-month policy gap that has existed since the Export Tariff and Generation Tariff under the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme were abolished in April 2019.

Households, businesses and community groups that have had solar PV systems installed since then have had no legally guaranteed method to receive payment for power exported to the grid.

STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “It’s a New Year and a positive new start for owners of small solar PV systems. After a nine-month policy gap, the new SEG should help boost interest in solar as leading electricity suppliers compete with each other to offer attractive payments for clean power exported to the grid.

“As more and more households take steps to do their bit in the fight against the climate emergency, we hope the SEG will have a positive impact on the market and help the solar industry to build on our track record of a million solar homes delivered to date.”

To qualify for SEG, renewable systems must be certified by an approved scheme such as MCS while households and other organisations will also require a smart meter.