Dulas completes Alderman’s House solar installation

Dulas, a leading renewable energy developer, has completed the installation of a 9kWp rooftop solar array atop the high-rise Alderman’s House in central London. The project adds to Dulas’ strong presence in the new build sector, as well as demonstrating its ability to deliver bespoke array installations.

Despite government changes to UK solar tariff support, rooftop installations remain an attractive means of reducing energy costs. And, as private sector building owners increasingly look to boost both the value and sustainability of their assets, Dulas has met the steady increase in demand for its solar rooftop services.

With an established track of installations on both public and private buildings, Dulas were hired by Bower Fuller electricians to install a PV system on the sloping eastern roof of Alderman’s House. In addition, Dulas carried out detailed performance analyses to maximise energy yield and guarantee that the panels would be unobstructed by the surrounding buildings.

In order to ensure that the array would meet its energy target, Dulas carried out shade loss simulations to account for the tower blocks surrounding the site. Based on these, and a comprehensive simulation report provided to the contractor, the panels were positioned and installed over the course of one week, covering a total surface area of 60.4 square metres.

Following the roof installation, the electrical connection and commissioning work required was then completed in one day.

“There is often a mistaken belief that, because of the shade caused by taller buildings nearby, there is little benefit to installing rooftop solar arrays on high-rise buildings,” said Chris White, Head of Rooftop Solar at Dulas.

“Dulas’ ability to carry out detailed simulation analyses, and the thorough reports we then provide, demonstrate the substantial benefits of these installations in terms of sustainability and power generation – and Alderman’s House is a perfect example of this.”

“This was our first time working with Dulas, but we were familiar with the firm’s reputation for technical expertise and design and advisory services,” said Jim Landman, Electrical Engineer at Bower Fuller.

“Dulas provided an excellent service and designed an effective panel mounting method for an unusual roof structure. Their installation was carried out to a high standard within the challenging construction programme. We will definitely be using Dulas on future projects.”