MyEnergi launches crowdfunding campaign for its first EV product ‘zappi’

zappi is an eco Electric Vehicle charger that can be installed like any standard EV charger but is more intelligent for those homes with solar panels or a wind turbine. zappi has 3 charge modes and a long list of features, its stylish to look at and reasonably priced in comparison with standard EVSE’s.

zappi’s clever eco charge modes automatically manage the vehicle charging profile to maximise self-consumption by diverting surplus power from a micro generation system. It can also recognise when economy tariffs are available and manage vehicle charging accordingly.

zappi’s eco charge modes means the EV will be charged at the lowest possible cost. zappi is live on INDIEGOGO the crowd funding site. A place where consumers can safely pre-order the zappi at a discounted price and start saving as soon as this summer.

MyEnergi have prototypes working and tested and the company has developed a production line after commissioning a manufacturer. The first batch is set to be delivered to the consumer in May 2017.

Eco advocate and actress Sophie Powles stars in the firm’s promotional video, hoping to encourage more people to switch to EV’s and eco charging.

“After a year of hard work and development we hope to revolutionize Electric Vehicle charging,” explained MyEnergi’s Jordan Brompton. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response not just in the UK but around the world with the excitement and need for this type of product.

“INDIEGOGO is such a great and modern way to help small companies with innovative big ideas manifest their projects into a reality.”