Waxman Energy introduces Premium Phono Solar 270W Poly

Waxman Energy, specialist in the design and distribution of solar PV systems, has introduced Phono Solar’s latest polycrystalline panel – the 270W Premium silver frame solar module.

As one of Waxman Energy’s most established brand partners, Phono Solar is a leading PV manufacturer in the industry. Its Tier 1 credentials mean that the PV products produced are from a reliable and bankable source, offering the latest in PV technology. The new 270W poly is the latest example of this.

Certified to withstand increased loads of up to 5400Pa and quality assured through use of branded components, the Phono Solar 270W silver frame Poly is durable and efficient. The panel has an efficiency of almost 17% (16.60%) offering excellent temperature co-efficiency which gives higher long term yields. This means that energy generation is maximised year-round even in areas or periods of low light.

Further benefits include:

· Performs at all temperatures – Being able to perform under various temperature extremes, the 270W Premium Poly will consistently generate optimum energy for better long term yield.

· Excellent low light performance – Outstanding performance in weak-light conditions.

· Safe – The 270W premium panel has been tested for fire resistance, to ensure safety and reduce the instance of isolated solar module fires.

· Reliable – The panel has a 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty, offering reassurance to end-users as to the reliability of the panel.

Waxman Energy says it is confident that Phono Solar’s 270W Silver Frame Poly will provide customers with a reliable and durable solar PV solution for both residential and commercial projects.