World’s first gas heat pump for domestic use now available in the UK

The Robur K18 is an 18kW mini gas-powered heat pump that offers temperatures up to 65 °C for heating and up to 70 °C for domestic hot water.

The K18 is aimed at larger or period domestic properties, and is also ideal for small commercial installations, such as schools, church halls and care homes. A hybrid version, with an integrated boiler, offers a 37kW output and is available early in 2017.

The Robur K18 is a high efficiency boiler replacement that provides energy and carbon savings of 38% against a modern condensing boiler. It is a monobloc heat pump that requires no costly fridge work and simply connects to an existing heating main.

The K18 has fewer mechanical parts than electric heat pumps and so benefits from exceptionally low noise levels and low maintenance costs. It satisfies demand in properties that are too large for electric heat pumps, or where higher water temperatures are required.

Kevin Pacey, Managing Director of ESS, commented: “It makes complete sense to use our established gas transmission network to deliver the energy we need for heating until such time that adequate renewable power becomes available. Gas heat pumps are straightforward for a gas-qualified plumber to fit and plumb and are similarly priced to an electric heat pump.”