SOLARWATT panels win MCS certification as UK network expands

SOLARWATT, the leading German pioneer of high-performance dual-glass solar PV energy production and storage systems, has secured influential UK industry approval for its advanced solar panels.

All categories of the company’s range of glass-glass and glass-foil PV panels were certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme to mark their compliance with the scheme requirements. All products in power classes up to 305Wp are now fully certified under the scheme.

The MCS was delivered following detailed testing, inspection and assessment by the British Board of Agrément, an independent organisation that offers an approval service for construction products, systems and installers, providing reassurance to consumers and others.

As the first supplier of a complete glass-glass solar panel portfolio, SOLARWATT has already been recognised for its high standards of quality and innovation, winning praise from Which! and receiving the top rating from the EU’s CLEAR Project. The glass-glass range was commended in Benelux for functioning fully and undamaged through recent heavy hail storms.

Pol Spronck, SOLARWATT’s International Sales Manager, said: “This further verification is important as we are developing a network of UK installers and distributors. Our partners want highest-quality products and innovation as well as the best in training, responsiveness, back-up and overall support.

“Certification means we can offer a complete range with the highest power classes in the UK in both 60-cell and 36-cell configurations with dual-glass technology, supply MCS-certified installers with products that set them apart, and provide customers with the peace of mind that comes from our market-leading warranties.”

SOLARWATT is expanding in the UK and elsewhere following a substantial investment by Stefan Quandt, of the family that is the largest shareholder in BMW.

Solar continues to gain traction due to technology advances, international carbon reduction obligations and concerns over both energy costs and fuel security. Domestic customers can now fix energy costs by storing and using energy from solar, rather than feeding it back into the grid.

SOLARWATT’s ground-breaking MyReserve storage system, soon to be available in the UK, provides householders with unprecedented energy independence by allowing them to generate electricity during the day for consumption in the evening and in some cases through night.

All solar PV modules and storage products are manufactured at the company’s own facilities in Germany, enabling it to offer very attractive solar PV + storage packages to the market.