The introduction of the smart energy revolution

The dawn of a smart energy revolution
Sun setting behind a row of electricity pylons
The executive director at the National Grid, Nicola Shaw, has announced in recent weeks that new innovations within the energy industry could mean that the UK will not be subject to any blackouts due to a smart energy revolution. Traditional methods which have historically being used in the industry are completely shifting, as energy is now being produced within homes and smaller businesses, mostly with solar power, alongside the larger corporations.

As renewable energies and technological innovations are constantly improving, it means that people can manage their appliances from home remotely which will obviously reduce the number of conventional power stations being built meaning that costs will be reduced too. The surge of the “internet of energy” will allow appliances such as fridges and dishwashers to balance the demand for energy. As smart technology is a large part of everyday life, there is no reason for the energy industry not to make the switch, especially as all parties can reap the benefits. According to Nicola, one of the benefits of the appliances being set up on the system is that you will be able to ensure that they are not using energy at the say time which could prevent 30-50% of energy fluctuations. Also, it is essential to ensure that all appliances are tested correctly.

As energy can be more at expensive at particular times of the day, the number of people and companies who adjust their consumption levels to use more when it is cheaper is constantly rising. Firms around the country are trying to persuade households to use cheaper energy, such as using solar power to operate their washing machines when the sun is out. Not only will it allow them to save money but it will also reduce pollution and reduce the need for the amount of power stations from being built. Nicola added that the revolution is completely changing the way we think about energy and it is also allowing business models to change due to their reduction in energy costs.

Even though she was enthusiastic about the new innovations she also added that more investment into gas-fired power stations was needed, especially whilst the smart energy revolution is finding its feet. However, as technology is creating unexpected innovations at fast paces it is essential for the energy industry to use them to their advantage. Overall, the smart energy revolution is creating an exciting and real change for the industry.