New MCS-approved Big Magic Thermodynamic Box

Award-winning Magic Thermodynamic Box company have announced their new range of MCS-approved solar assisted heat pumps – The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box.

The Chelmsford-based company are the first and only British company to have MCS-approved thermodynamic products with the latest addition of the 130l system.

The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company manufacture all of their products in the UK with a team of highly skilled engineers and since the companies opening 4 years ago are now being sold worldwide.

The new range is an all-in-one integrated A-rated cylinder with also combined the Thermodynamic Heat Pump inside it and an aluminium thermodynamic panel which can be installed anywhere on the outside or inside of the property. The system comes in two different sizes, 130 and 200 litrrs of water capacity however bespoke systems can be made to order.

The new system works as a standalone water heating system and heats hot water twenty four hours a day. The panel works in any weather conditions and without the need of a boiler, which saves on carbon emissions. This makes The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box a very green option for the environmentally friendly home. The system can provide the user with 100% of the users domestic hot water needs.

The Big Magic Thermodynamic Box is an all-in-one system that can be installed in less than a day. The Magic Thermodynamic Box Company supply everything from the A Rated Cylinder through to the Thermodynamic panels. This could give users a saving of up to 80% on domestic hot water usage, helping users manage their water heating cost with the ever-increasing rising energy bills.