Independent renewable generators now supply nearly 8% of UK power demand

Independent renewable generators are at the centre of Britain’s low-carbon transition and now supply 7.6% of UK power demand with more than £1 billion of clean electricity, according to new analysis.

The report, published by SmartestEnergy, reveals independent solar capacity grew by 83% in 2015 with 696 new projects providing over 2GW.

However the study warned independent generators now face a crisis as wholesale electricity prices fell more than 20% in 2015, largely as a result of cheap oil and gas. Although overall independent renewables capacity grew 28% over the year the wholesale value of the electricity it generated dropped by more than 4%.

Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy, said: “Energy entrepreneurs are indispensable to Britain’s energy future, driving change towards a flexible, efficient, low-carbon power system.”

He added: “The government needs to restore confidence to the industry by providing stable policy and certainty over future subsidies available to the industry.”

The demand for more renewable energy is rising due to pressures from CSR programmes, consumers and politics. The report calls on the Government to make policy changes to allow companies like SmartestEnergy to be able to meet the growing demand.