Leading solar firm in the market for cold leads

Renewal Energy Experts Clean Power Solutions (CPS) are installing more solar PV systems than ever before and is now seeking to buy cold leads from other solar PV installers and energy consultants.

CPS is keen to buy any commercial projects above 11kWp which have halted because of the cost of Grid connection or the refusal of the local DNO to allow Grid connection because of constraint problems.

Its patented new storage and Grid connection system enables CPS to connect ANY amount of generation to the Grid at G83/2 conditions, cannot be refused by the DNO and all Grid connections have no upgrade costs. All of the DNO’s have reviewed the design and agree that it is perfectly acceptable and connections using this method are G83/2 compliant.

Its new energy storage system means that despite the recent decimation of the Feed in Tariffs, a 50 kW solar PV system can still give a return of 22% and a 5 year payback, making solar PV worth installing again if combined with storage. And for the customer, it means they can use all of the generated power rather than send it to the Grid and then buy it back.

Historically, the export or connection in constrained areas was limited to roughly 4 kW per phase. Clean Power Solution’s new storage system allows any amount of power to be stored and fed to the Grid at G83 conditions. This patented new method is creating more work than Clean Power Solutions can handle in a number of locations and the company is now looking to expand its teams around the country.

For those who have leads that meet the CPS criteria, they can contact Clean Power Solutions on 01704 821 419 to discuss in more detail.