How consumers can save with biomass

With each winter seeming wetter, colder and longer, many consumers are left feeling not only cold but completely skint. No wonder so many of us are considering new and advanced ways to not only stay warm but also save on our energy bills though most households simply suffer the cold in order to save, but there is a solution: Biomass Boiler systems.

What is Biomass Fuel?

Good question. Biomass encompasses the true meaning of “renewable” as the fuel is made up of waste material that would otherwise be thrown in the bin. On an industrial sale this could be agricultural and industrial waste but for domestic use it is more likely to be excess wood pellets or logs. These pellets and logs are burned to create heat, which is then transferred to a boiler to heat the home. The fuel used is from completely sustainable sources, and is carbon neutral. For every particle of carbon released in burning, another is absorbed through the replanting of trees. By creating energy from waste you can drastically reduce the carbon footprint you leave benefiting the environment greatly.

How can I save?

There are two ways in which consumers save with biomass boilers. The first is due lowered energy bills: Biomass fuel is cheaper than alternative heating option, because it is completely recycled. When thinking of changing your heating system it’s worth noting that biomass fuel is up to 40% cheaper than oil/LPG. DMS Energy Solutions estimate this can earn each household up to £600 a year on energy bills. Not only does this save you money it also contributes to saving the planet.

But there’s a second massive monetary incentive on top of the initial savings on your energy bills for consumers to consider when thinking about switching to biomass. The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive: s a government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. Households are rewarded for lowering the UK’s carbon emissions by switching to heating systems that use naturally sourced energy. People who join the scheme will receive quarterly payments for the units of clean energy they produce. For every kWh you produce you will earn 5.14 pence. Not only will you save on fuel costs but you could receive up to £25,000 over the length of the scheme. Imagine next winter not worrying about leaving the heating on, but also having the security that it’s earning you money at the same time!

How can I install a biomass boiler?

Biomass boilers are relatively easy to install, with little maintenance needed and planning permission should not be required. They can usually be integrated with your existing radiator system ensuring a hassle free transition. The system functions in a similar way to a gas central heating system, with advanced technology regulating fuel delivery to the burner. Before the install happens you will need a renewable consultation with an installer who will design an individual system for your home and create an Energy Performance Certificate (you will need this to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive). Once the system is designed and installed you can apply for the RHI scheme and enjoy lower energy bills and quarterly government payments. With a biomass boiler you save the planet, save money and earn an income from the energy you produce!