Housing association delivers free solar energy to 2,000 homes

One of the UK’s award winning renewable energy companies has been awarded a contract to provide almost 2,000 homes with solar PV on behalf of Havebury Housing Partnership in Suffolk.

Essex-based Saving Energy have been installing up to 120 homes per week with solar PV in the areas of Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill.

The Housing Association has encouraged its tenants to take up the opportunity to have solar PV installed to their properties – absolutely free of charge – which will help them to save up to 50% on their electricity bills.

Speaking on the solar installation project, Sam Fulker, Managing Director at Saving Energy said: “We are extremely proud to be recognised for our capabilities to win contracts of this scale for a well-known housing association.

“The contract itself very much supports the company’s mission in helping to bring vulnerable people out of fuel poverty whilst helping to save the environment.

“The solar installation will see Havebury’s tenants significantly reduce their energy bills. And, as such, futureproof the property against rising energy costs.”

The government cut to the Feed in Tariff means that there is a limited timescale – potentially until the end of March – to have solar PV installed free of charge so Havebury Housing Partnership and Saving Energy having been working hard on installations

The contract win comes on the back of a similar contract secured by the business’s sister company, Northumberland based, Saving Energy North East. The contract involves working alongside solar company Global Heat Source to install solar to up to 1,000 council properties in Darlington.

And alongside delivery of this contract, Saving Energy is currently installing 358 properties per year with External Wall Insulation (EWI) after securing a £3m tender win awarded by London based Housing Association, Family Mosaic.

Sam further added: “Our dedicated efforts to reducing energy bills in homes and businesses has meant that we are being awarded contracts by companies and local authorities of such high calibre. We will ensure we make a concerted effort to continue to do so.”

Established in 2007, Saving Energy UK offers a full end to end service, the renewable energy company provides and installs a full suite of energy efficiency measures from solar PV and thermal, biomass and boiler changes right through to LED lighting and internal wall insulation. The company offer their services to both homeowners and businesses.