New Year, No Money? Save Pennies and the Planet

After facing the “wettest December” on record, many people have been left feeling chilly in their homes. As well as the cold and cruel winter persisting, looking very much like it’s not going to turn in to any tropical paradise any time soon, most of us have been left bankrupt after the traditionally expensive festive period. With expenses lurking in the background, the last thing anyone wants to do is pay an expensive heating bill. Why not cut your costs in the long run by considering a new heating system? I know exactly what you’re thinking. With these bills seeming almost unaffordable, it might seem crazy of me to suggest that you just chip in and upgrade your boiler. However, there are economic initiatives that you could be eligible for, plus the Scottish Government used to offer funding every year through a scheme, however due to budget cuts the HEEPs cashback scheme has not been stopped. With an apparent continuing economic crisis, now is the perfect time to upgrade your boiler, thus saving on your bills in the long run and having that left over money to spend on anything your heart so desires.

According to DMS Energy Solutions, approximately 55% of what we spend on our energy bills comes directly from our boilers. Upgrading to a modern gas boiler with DMS this winter could see your central heating costs cut by more than 30%, as modern gas boilers are proven to be over 90% more efficient. This is because of a larger heat exchanger, which will save you £300 approximately a year on your bills. That’s £300 that could go on a summer holiday, or a new computer, or put away for a rainy day. Amounting to £3000 approximately over 10 years – all with a new and modern gas boiler.

In an increasingly “space age” society filled with new and innovative technology, you should consider heating installation not only as a way of heating your house throughout the Scottish wet and wild winters (and let’s face it sometimes Spring, Summer and Autumn as well), but as a step forward with technology. DMS also offer other products such as underfloor and loft insulation, this is an important way of heating you home because it can retain the heat in your home by stopping draughts, once again saving you a penny or two. Once again you could qualify for free underfloor insulation through ECO funding. Loft insulation also can be the cheapest way of saving money on heating bills, and once again you could be eligible for free funding. It qualifies as one of the most effective ways of heating your home because those with an uninsulated loft lose 25% of the energy needed to heat their homes. Not only is loft insulation effective, but it is good for the planet as it can lower your carbon footprint by lowering CO2 emissions. DMS insulation is personally good for the planet as well as it is created with fiberglass wool, made from 100% recycled glass.

One of the most obvious ways of saving money on your bills, and popular favourite from students is to not use the thing giving you a bill i.e. heating. Now, of course I’m not suggesting you live inside six jumpers and a sleeping bag whilst the heating is off, I’m suggesting you go out and explore everything your local area might have to offer. And you will be able to pay for these trips with the money saved on your bills by investing in new heating products such as insulation and a new upgrade on your boiler. Why not invest in these new forms of heating and not have to rely on the only boiler that you have to get fixed every month or so? Why not save money whilst staying warm at the same time.