Leading UK biomass expert calls for rethink on UK energy policy

A leading UK biomass expert has called for a rethink on the UK’s energy policy and insists microgeneration could play a key role in adding much-needed capacity to the National Grid.

Andy Boroughs, Managing Director of biomass heating specialists Organic Energy, has written to Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, urging for a re-focus on green energy following the government’s proposal to concentrate on gas-fuelled power stations by 2025.

Boroughs’ plea comes as the critical COP21 UN Climate Change Conference begins in Paris today and follows a high level visit to Organic Energy’s Welshpool HQ by Stefan Ortner, CEO of Austrian wood pellet boiler specialists ÖkoFEN, the world’s leading biomass heating system.

Mr Ortner was in Welshpool last week to conclude arrangements for the launch of ÖkoFEN’s most innovative sustainable heating system yet into the UK market.

The Paris 2015 UN Climate Change Conference is where world governments will reach a new and universal climate change agreement. Yesterday, over 100 Heads of State and Governments delivered statements on their respective climate change action plans (INDCs) at the Leaders’ Conference. COP21 aims to put the world firmly on track to a low-carbon, sustainable future that keeps a global temperature rise under 2 degrees centigrade.

Mr Boroughs said: “Our government’s approach to the energy crisis is to effectively paint us into a corner. We face a situation where our electricity stations will be owned by the Chinese and our gas will be brought into the country from who knows where? Russia? That is an extraordinarily worrying prospect.

“The UK needs an independent power structure. A more astute, sustainable and secure approach would be to invest in new innovation. Micro-generation is key to relieving pressure off the grid.

“Ms Rudd rightly says we need to replace polluting coal-fired powers stations with alternatives that are reliable, good value for money and help to reduce emissions. That alternative should include micro-generated renewables rather than an over reliance on gas, which is just another form of fossil fuel. My letter to Ms Rudd outlines our deep concern on all these issues.”

Organic Energy is the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland for ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers, widely regarded as the most technologically advanced pellet heating system in the world.