Solar subsidies 22 times less than people think, says poll

Subsidies for solar are 22 times less than the general public perceive, according to a new YouGov poll commissioned by the Solar Trade Association.

On average, respondents with a view estimated that solar added £196 per annum to household energy bills – the reality is just £9. A great many respondents said they simply didn’t know.

The Solar Trade Association says that this is further evidence that the government’s proposal to reduce the Feed-in Tariff by 87 percent is flawed, as the burden on billpayers is so low.

Paul Barwell, CEO of the Solar Trade Association, said: “The government has justified the cuts to solar and renewables on the basis of reducing costs on bills, but hasn’t told people that the cost of getting solar subsidy-free is relatively modest.

“This survey shows that solar is cheaper than many people think, and that the perception of the cost of solar on bills has become grossly inflated. We need to put this right.”