REA issues CSR wishlist

The Renewable Energy Association has put forward its top 10 wishlist to support renewables, ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review

On Wednesday afternoon (25/11/15), the government will announce its spending plans for departments including DECC.

It will determine how much cash is available for supportive policies required to ensure continued deployment of solar, low carbon heating technologies and energy storage.

At the top of the list is continued financial support for the RHI, which falls entirely within the Treasury’s remit and is funded from direct taxation, not the Levy Control Framework. The REA says that an extension of its funding is needed to build on the 55,000 installations it has already encouraged, and move the UK closer to meeting 2020 decarbonisation targets.

Other vital measures the REA is asking for includes a replacement energy efficiency scheme for the cancelled Green Deal, a new strategy for achieving Zero Carbon Homes and greater tax relief for renewable energy projects.

James Court, head of policy and external affairs at the REA, said: “After months of uncertainty, now is the time for the government to show its support for renewable energy. They have repeatedly said they support this high-growth area while simultaneously pushing through more negative policy changes.

“This CSR serves as an extraordinary opportunity for the UK to position itself again as a global leader in clean technology and to tell consumers that they can be confident in the government’s leadership in a post-coal Britain.”

Top 10 Policies for a clean 2020
-Renewed RHI budget
-Review of Zero Carbon Homes building standards
-Policy for heat networks
-Interim RHI budget
-Tax relief for onsite renewable heat, solar and storage
-Capital grants for solar and storage
-New energy efficiency scheme
-Levy Control Framework budget confirmed beyond 2020
-Timing for next CfD round confirmed
-Financial support for community energy projects