Powering the Future exhibition prepares to shed light on critical issues

Powering the Future exhibition at the  Glasgow Science Centre  Pictured Dancing on  beside the the energy dance floor which lights up as people dance on it are Duncan Smith (left) of the Science Centre exhibition team and Jillian McGarva , senior science communicator (right)  Photograph by Martin Shields  Tel 07572 457000 FEE PAYABLE FOR REPRO USE NB -This image is not to be distributed without the prior consent of the copyright holder. in using this image you agree to abide by terms and conditions as stated in this caption. All monies payable to Martin Shields (PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS CAPTION) This image is intended for Editorial use (e.g. news). Any commercial or promotional use requires additional clearance.  Copyright 2015 All rights protected. first use only.
Glasgow Science Centre is counting down to the launch of Powering the Future – a £1.5m exhibition focusing on the future of energy supply in the UK.

Launching on December 10, Powering the Future will use 60 thought-provoking interactive exhibits to encourage members of the public to consider ways to meet our growing energy demand at an acceptable economic and environmental cost.

Visitors will also learn the diverse ways we can harness and generate energy via a dance off, and piloting an underwater ROV. It is estimated that 1.8 million people will visit the exhibition during its five year lifespan.

Glasgow Science Centre has gathered support and partnered with organisations including the Scottish government, National Grid, EDF Energy and Scottish Enterprise.

Dr Stephen Breslin, chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre, said: “Powering the future will play a pivotal role in raising public awareness of how critical energy availability is. It will demonstrate the extent to which energy underpins our lives, and hopes to engage the public in considering ideas and concepts as to how we as society might seek to deliver a secure, affordable and cleaner energy future that guarantees we keep the lights on.

“Highlighting the importance of how we approach power generation both now and in the future is an issue that affects everyone, everywhere – young and old. Illustrating how different energy technologies can be mixed to meet increasing demands in a way that is tangible, entertaining and engaging is central to our message in Powering the Future.”