How renewable energies can add value to your property

It’s never easy to make a profit when selling your property, especially considering the current market. The task is ever more arduous if you’re in a hurry to sell an expensive property.

The UK is a very competitive market, with London recently coming in third in a list of top 10 most expensive cities to buy properties, right after Hong Kong and Monaco, and for a good reason: $1m will only get you 25.2 square metres on average. House prices in expensive areas are typically very high, especially compared to average incomes and rent prices, so it can really be quite tricky to find a buyer, especially in prestigious areas.

As a consequence, finding unique selling points becomes essential in this situation. Helping many landlords just as much as the environment, renewable energies now provide a few great ways to add extra value to your property and make it stand out in today’s ultra-competitive market.

It is estimated that making your house energy-efficient can now increase its value by up to £25,000, so thinking of green solutions really pays off.

Given the variety of companies providing solar panels in the UK and the number of quotes you will be able to choose from, you will hardly end up spending more than £8,000 to install a set of solar panels.

However, given the current cost of electricity, many future owners will be happy to pay up to 14 percent more on the total property price, meaning your investment will have a very strong impact on the final selling price.

Assuming the property you’re selling is based in London, you will be earning £700 to £1,000 per square foot. So for 100 square feet, you will easily see the value of your property rise from £85,000 to £96,900, meaning your investment in solar panels will have paid off sensibly.

An all-round green approach will also be very helpful when looking to add extra value by expanding the living space. This is particularly true for external areas such as conservatories, where materials and quality make all the difference.

So if you manage to combine solar panels on the roof your house with an eco-friendly conservatory, chances are that the overall value of your property will increase even more noticeably.

We recommend looking out for thermally efficient conservatory roof systems, which capture the solar energy during the summer to keep the area warm during the colder months. If you would like to invest a bit less instead, bear in mind that tiled roofs are generally more energy efficient than glass roofs.

Finally, double-glazing for all of your conservatory windows will be another essential element to waste as little heat as possible and hopefully make more potential buyers fall in love with your property.