Grant UK videos put biomass in the spotlight

Grant UK has created a trio of videos focusing on the installation of a Spira biomass boiler from the perspective of both the homeowner and installer.

Grant UK says the purpose of the videos is to showcase the ease with which these systems can be installed, and how biomass is a viable alternative to traditional heating methods.

“These videos are a ‘must watch’ for any installers looking to diversify their business. They really do emphasise that turning to biomass should not be a daunting process for installers who normally fit oil or gas appliances,” said Anna Wakefield, marketing manager for Grant UK.

“Not only have we followed the installer as he fits the Grant Spira Wood Pellet boiler, but the homeowner too, who details the factors that influenced their decision to choose biomass. From the installation, right through to appliance ownership, fuel storage and easy maintenance, these ‘real life’ videos cover the entire journey.”