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GHT125 - High performance heat transfer for the solar market - HN
Globaltherm has added that latest addition to its range of heat transfer products – Omnistore MS-550.

Omnistore is a molten salt heat transfer medium which operates at temperatures ranging from 150-550 degrees Celsius. It is specifically designed for concentrated solar plants, and other applications where conventional heat transfer methods are not sufficient.

According to Globaltherm, Omnistore MS-550 has excellent thermo-physical properties, including low viscosity, high heat capacity and high thermal conductivity.

“At Globaltherm, we understand that the solar industry is struggling to find a heat transfer solution suitable for heat transfer applications with extremely high operating temperatures,” said Clive Jones, managing director.

“Omnistore MS-550 can safely withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celcius, which is significantly higher than most heat transfer products on the market today.”