Cyclone technology offers advanced protection for wood pellets

Grant Pellet Store Filling
Sustainable heating solution provider Grant UK has introduced cyclone technology to its wood pellet stores – an advanced safety mechanism to slow pellets during filling, preventing damage to the fuel.

Many stores use impact mats to prevent damage occurring during filling, but pellets hit their surface at very high speeds so the protective mat must be carefully positioned and of a sufficient size so that the pellets are caught. Grant’s cyclone system, fitted as standard on pellet stores over 1.5 tonnes, is an advanced alternative.

A curved structure is fitted at the top of the pellet store, designed to reduce the impact of the pellets upon delivery while also ensuring that the store is evenly filled. The pellets enter via the tube section of the cyclone structure and lose their speed as they move around the curve, falling gently to the bottom.

Grant stores are also fitted with a pressure relief vent at the top that adjusts and rises according to the air pressure within the unit. During the delivery process, the pressure towards the top of the store quickly increases, however the vent controls this increased pressure preventing damage to the store.

“It’s very important to protect wood pellets during the filling of a bulk store to prevent the fuel being damaged. Broken pellets can affect boiler performance and reliability,” explains Anna Wakefield, Marketing Manager, Grant UK. “Our clever cyclone technology removes the need for positioning mats and provides householders with peace of mind.”

Grant’s range of wood pellet stores (from 500kg up to 6 tonne units) allow for bulk storage of wood pellets, enabling homeowners to purchase their biomass boiler’s fuel in large quantities which is more cost effective than buying smaller bags of pellets.