Wattstor launch IMP controller

Wattstor has launched its new export limiting smart switch – the IMP (Intelligent Management of Power).

The device is designed to control where and when energy from solar PV is used by turning on electrical equipment when electricity is free or cheap, limiting the export of electricity back to the grid.

IMP directs surplus power into equipment such as heating or refrigeration or battery pack storage to use on site.

According to Wattstor, IMP has been approved by Western Power and other network operators are pending.

“The aim of IMP is to maximise the consumption of clean, safe and free renewable energy generated on site,” said Wattstor managing director, Mark Smith.

“It acts like the conductor of an orchestra, deciding what plays and when. At a time when many renewable energy projects can’t connect to the grid, we know the IMP can make a real difference. The IMP can enable these projects to connect and progress, whilst making sure all of the energy generated is used locally and beneficially rather than wasted.”