Making the most of the supply chain

HETAS is committing to being the ‘go to’ organisation for domestic heating-related queries. It is imperative therefore that it maintains strong relationships with key players in the wood-burning and biomass industry, says Bruce Allen, CEO

Our reputation for expertise on safety and standards is built on knowledge that we’ve gained through our work on British and EU standards and from experience running the registration scheme. At the same time we are supported by other industry bodies, for instance Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). While HETAS’s focus has always been the safe, effective and efficient use of heating appliances, RECC is more centred on consumer protection from the fair trading perspective.

There is a lot that we can learn from each other helping to bring the whole supply process together. A crucial element is for us to provide constant support throughout the buying and installing process, ensuring that each job is completed to the highest exacting standards. We are all part of maintaining the industry’s reputation across every single project and we ensure that there is constant support for all those concerned resulting in an installation that will be safe, efficient and relevant to the end user.

Support from industry bodies as well as other key manufacturers, associations, and engineers is a necessity to fully understand each other’s vital roles and experiences. This helps to maintain HETAS’s continued reputation and of wood-burning and biomass.

There are a number of biomass manufacturers who are very supportive of the HETAS initiative, opting to only sell their products to installers who have completed a HETAS biomass course along with specific product-based training with the manufacturer. As the biomass industry continues to develop alongside the more traditional but equally innovative stove sector, it is encouraging to see such support.

For a more streamlined offering, the relationship between the manufacturer and the supplier often continues throughout the customer’s home, as they design the best installation for their client. There has also been an increase by some manufacturers of the more complex designs, who get involved from the earliest stages of the design process right through to the end purchasing, ensuring the best operating conditions are upheld.

The partnership approach is a key aspect for HETAS’s continued growth and recognition in the industry for its high standard and quality services. HETAS continues to support and help all our installers by keeping them up-to-date safety information as well as enhancing our own expertise so we remain the ‘go to’ resource for domestic heating quality, design and efficiency.

For more information about HETAS and to find your nearest HETAS approved retailer, please visit: www.hetas.co.uk.