Elmhurst Energy outlines post-Green Deal plan

Martyn Reed, operations director, Elmhurst Energy
Martyn Reed, operations director, Elmhurst Energy
Elmhurst Energy has outlined its vision for the energy efficiency market to function following the demise of Green Deal.

In the absence of the government’s principle funding mechanism for improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock, which was stopped in May, Elmhurst Energy’s operations director Martyn Reed proposes a number of solutions to get things back on track.

Since the closure of Green Deal, the government has asked Dr Peter Bonfield of BRE to undertake a review and recommend a way forward via a possible successor scheme. But Elmhurst Energy believes that much of the solution already exists, in the form of 5,000 accredited energy assessor.

Its seven point plan includes:
-Making full use of the existing Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
-Simplifying the occupancy assessment
-Offering advice and an occupancy assessment without commitment
-Simplifying funding opportunities. Allocate subsidy allowances on a simple means basis and ability to pay ranging from 0-100 percent
-Offering incentives such as Council Tax rebates on more efficient properties
-Keeping energy assessors separate from finance and funding
-Removing bureaucracy around installation and allowing a post install EPC or certificate as sufficient proof that a measure has been installed