Pollard’s Patter

As I write this column the Plumb Center ErP Roadshow is coming to an end. It has been challenging in terms of logistics, at 40 locations across the UK working with 11 supply partners. On the other hand it has been a joy to talk to so many installers and hear of their experiences and ideas.

It is true to say that initiatives emanating from the EU are not usually greeted with wild enthusiasm, the current threat to reduced VAT rates on energy efficient products being a case in point.

However, if energy labelling inspires consumers to take further interest in their heating systems then I for one, will give out a mighty cheer. The evidence in the white goods market is pretty conclusive. Consumers have demanded the highest rating products, even if they don’t necessarily understand the detail of the measurement.

If we have a similar experience in the heating market then heat pumps rating at A+ or A++ will be much easier to explain.

The energy labelling rating scale is a language well recognised by consumers. We should use this introduction as an opportunity to sell better products rather than cheaper products.

But let’s be clear that we are at the start of a journey which will undoubtedly push standards higher and include more products over time.

For consumers and bona fide professionals in the heating industry, this has to be ‘a good thing.’