Renewable policy risks jobs cut, stresses Organic Energy

Andy Boroughs, MD of Organic Energy
Government pledges to cut a host of renewable subsidies will put hundreds of jobs on line if seen through, argues biomass supplier Organic Energy.

Managing director Andy Boroughs has joined other industry leaders to voice concern in the wake of policy announcements to end Green Deal, and remove small scale solar farms and onshore wind from the Renewable Obligation financial mechanism.

“The renewable energy sector is no longer a fledging industry, but one of the fastest growing,” he said.

“We would back the minister’s (energy secretary Amber Rudd’s) view that support must help technologies eventually stand on their own two feet, but ask her to remember that the sector must also benefit from pro-growth, pro-business policies of the new government.

“And while we’ve always advocated that switching to renewables should be about more than what subsidy is on offer, we would urge Amber Rudd to consider the impact on jobs if further support is withdrawn.”