AvantiGas announces three-way biomass partnership

AvantiRenewables has announced a three-way commercial partnership to supply businesses with industrial biomass steam boilers at no upfront cost.

Collaborating with Byworth Boilers and Janfire UK, AvantiRenewables says the new enterprise will provide the complete biomass steam boiler package to large scale steam operations.

This includes capital funding and ESCOs (Energy Supply Contract) to provide low carbon energy for no upfront capital commitment.

The trio is specifically targeting large import/export storage facilities, major chemical processing sites, the food and drink industry and other prominent off grid markets. The steam boilers are predicted to save around 2,000 tonnes of C02 per year, per MW of installed capacity.

AvantiGas (of which AvantiRenewables is a division) managing director, Neil Murphy, said: “This partnership reflects a significant leap in energy provision with three key industry players joining forces to bring cost, environmental benefits and energy savings through robust engineering solutions to the UK’s producer businesses.

“We are delighted to be working alongside two established manufacturers who have a combined 70 years expertise to collectively deliver the very best steam boiler technology giving a cost effective option for businesses using steam as part of their product production.”