Worcester defends zero carbon homes postponement

Worcester, Bosch Group
Worcester, Bosch Group has spoken out to defend the government’s recent decision to postpone the introduction of zero carbon homes building regulations for new build houses.

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support, believes that the decision not to proceed with tighter energy efficiency standards is a blow, but that it is understandable given the increase in new build the Treasury believes it will create.

With the number of new homes being built still far lower than demand, the government said that an update to building regulations would place an avoidable financial burden on housing developers.

“The unfortunate reality is that it tends to cost significantly more to build a low carbon property than it does a less efficient one. With the government eager to increase the number of new homes, fewer burdens may just give the sector the boost it needs,” he said.

“The decision not to update the building regulations is another consequence of this decision and is necessary until the objective or target returns. This gives us a situation where housebuilders no longer have the financial burden of building to zero carbon and associated industries don’t have the burden of legislative uncertainty.”