Two minutes with NAPIT

Who are you?
David Cowburn, managing director of NAPIT Certification

What do you do?
NAPIT are a certification body involved in Competent Person Schemes for Building Regulations, MCS and Green Deal. I work with multiple industry and government committees through which I promote NAPIT’s commitment to high standards and safe work, influencing industry standards and the way NAPIT deliver them.

Where are you?
All over the place, engaging with government and industry. My office is in Mansfield where NAPIT has a head office and training centre. We also have training centres in Oldham and Bristol, as well as staff throughout the UK.

How’s business at the moment?
Very good. With over 10,000 registered installers, NAPIT is one of the leading scheme operators in the country.

How could business be better?
If government and industry could knuckle down and really address the detailed concerns in the building services and renewable energy sectors. We have released a number of NAPIT campaign infographics which outline certain aspects of policies which could be improved to benefit the industry.

Who do you admire in renewables?
I’m going to give a nod in the direction of a man who taught me and who passed away last year, Professor Peter Dunn of the University of Reading. He was writing about and championing renewable energy when it was so unfashionable that the phrases ‘alternative’ and ‘intermediate’ abounded. He would be delighted at the move into the mainstream we are now seeing.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
Never stop improving. If you’ve done something badly, fix it – if you’ve done something well, look to do it better.