Triple whammy

There has been much progress made since October 01 2014, when a Tripartie Agreement between DECC, the MCS Administrator (Gemserv) and the MCS Service Company (MCSSCo) was signed.

The Tripartite Agreement can be found on the MCS website ( should you wish to read it however the key points to note are as follows:

  • A clear path is now established for the MCS Service Company to be developed into its enduring legal entity structure
  • Four key projects to support and maintain the robustness of the scheme
  • Novation of MCS Licence Agreement across to the MCS Service Company from DECC
  • Greater clarity of the Scheme’s purposes and objectives
  • Clear timetables with key actions to be delivered to progress this work

Following on from this Tripartite agreement the MCS Steering Group agreed in February that it wanted to establish an MCS Charity with oversight of the MCS Service Company. Since then, the MCS Steering Group Chairman and MCS Administrator have been busy establishing the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Charitable Foundation (MCS CF), with the aim of the charity to provide both confidence and trust in renewable energy and low carbon technologies and those providing and maintaining it, with a particular focus on consumer and environmental protection.

The MCS CF will be focusing on key areas. They will look to support those looking to research improvements and developments for both current and innovative products and systems to improve health and safety issues, environmental and carbon savings and consumer understanding. They will provide support to consumers and the environment through education, knowledge transfer, skills and competency development and raising awareness in the renewable energy and low carbon technology sector. They also plan to support the development of industry standards and guidance in this sector.

In establishing the foundation, the charity will be registered with the Charity Commission by the end of August 2015.

Prior to registration, the charity will look to appoint the first full board of Trustees, to steer and guide the charity through its initial establishment and implementation following successful registration. These Trustee roles are hoped to be in place by early August, as national adverts were run during the month of June, with suitable candidates being shortlisted and interviewed in July.

Updates regarding the status of the MCS CF will be published on the MCS website.