Talking point

Liz MacFarlane, Zenex Solar, looks back on a productive time spent at Intersolar Europe

I’m always gobsmacked by the sheer scale of Intersolar, and it was no different this year. One of my Segen colleagues recorded 13 miles in a day on her pedometer! And I wished I’d opted for trainers rather than heels.

As the world’s solar decision makers, procurers and manufacturers descended on Munich, the UK took a leading role from the very start of the event. While many parts of Europe were reporting a stilted market, seminars examined how the UK is leading the way as the largest growth market.

There was much emphasis on developing the commercial and residential rooftop space, and there are more and more financial solutions in the offing to suit all type of commercial applications.

While I would say there was less innovation among the wider exhibitors, Segen Zenex’s own manufacturing partners had many new products in the offing.

For example, Fronius and SolarEdge are two of our partners to be working with the Tesla Powerwall, a stylish home battery which they expect to be ready early next year, and already with a waiting list of people eager to get their hands on one.

LG Solar get ready to launch their new Cello design black module, with 12 thin wires replacing three busbars for enhanced power and reliability, and with 12 year product warranty as standard; and Solis were proudly showing their commercial range of inverters, each boasting quad MPPTs and the same wide-voltage flexibility as their domestic range.

I’ll always remember how I used to be amazed by the amount of solar on view below me as I flew in to Germany. This year, the view seemed as full of solar as I flew back in to the UK. Satisfying to say the least.