Q&A: Enphase Energy

Simon Baggaley is UK sales director at Enphase Energy

REI: What are Enphase’s plans for the UK in the next 5 years?
SB: Enphase has gone from strength to strength in the UK market since its entry back in 2012 and we plan to continue this momentum. Our market share in the residential inverter sector is growing. We are currently at 10 percent and would envision being closer to 25 percent five years from now.

Our quality microinverter is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for UK installers and PV owners. We’re also seeing string inverter manufacturers start to develop microinverters. This trend will continue in the years to come but Enphase plans to expand its market share through the distinction of our product.

We’re also looking to make the Enphase system compatible with even more roof systems as we explore roof fixing methods and frame mounting.

While the residential market has traditionally been our core customer base, we are keen to capitalise on the burgeoning commercial rooftop and social housing markets too.

What would be top of your wish list from the new government?
In a word, our biggest ask of the new government would be stability. The UK solar industry has come a long way in recent years and the current policy environment is favourable.

Now some in the industry are wary that the government could pull the rug from beneath our feet if the FiT digression is too rapid or sudden. Businesses in the industry, Enphase included, are open about the fact that the FiT cannot and should not last forever. We just call for a stable transition so the industry can stand on its own two feet in a subsidy free era.