Government must deliver on carbon reduction, says Rexel

Rexel UK has called on the government to place its environmental agenda high on the priority list if the UK is to meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets.

In the Conservative’s manifesto, prime minister David Cameron pledged to stick to the UK’s overarching carbon targets, while focusing on minimising energy costs, supporting the Climate Change Act and propelling a low-carbon economy.

Most recently, the appointment of Amber Rudd as energy secretary was widely welcomed by green groups, particularly the solar community given her full support of the solar revolution.

However, at the same time, chancellor George Osborne has unveiled £70 million worth of cuts to the DECC as part of a deficit reduction drive, the consensus being that this could influence the extent of environmental policy.

Jerry Hamilton, business development director for renewables and energy solutions at Rexel UU, said: “As a nation, we are in a fantastic position when it comes to our environmental stance. From the offset the coalition positioned themselves as a resounded green government – and we are hoping that the prime minister will continue to build further momentum in his reinstated role.

“We are particularly thrilled to welcome the appointment of Amber Rudd as secretary of state for energy and climate change given that she has an acute understanding of the financial implications of support that is required specifically for commercial roof mounted PV.”

He added: “Ultimately, that is key to delivering the ambition of using solar to produce energy where it is needed as part of the solar roadmap. As such, we just hope that the cuts that are needed in government spending do not affect our collective ambition to be leaders in the energy revolution that is required in our changing world. We look forward to hearing more of the government’s environmental strategy as details emerge.”