BSRIA celebrates 60 years

Lord O'Neill, Tom Smith and Julia Evans
Lord O’Neill, Tom Smith and Julia Evans
BSRIA has held a reception at the House of Lords as part of its 60 year anniversary celebrations.

The event, hosted by Lord O’Neill of Clackmannan, was attended by over 100 of BSRIA organisation. During the event Lord O’Neill and BSRIA chairman Tom Smith presented a commemorative plaque representatives of the 22 founder members of BSRIA, which have maintained their membership for all 60 years.

“For 60 years BSRIA has provided leadership for the industry, developed people and skills, promoted the advancement of the industry, smart technology and its introduction to deliver a sustainable future, allowing BSRIA to deliver on our mission of making buildings better,” said Julia Evans, BSRIA chief executive.

“Over the last 60 years BSRIA has evolved to now have offices in France, Spain, United States and China and undertake a wide range of different activities. Association members and the BSRIA team care passionately about improving our industry and will continue to work together to lead the industry through the challenges of the next 60 years.”