Two minutes with Elmhurst Energy


Who are you?
Stephen O’Hara, Managing director of Elmhurst Energy

What do you do? Elmhurst Energy provides first class software, accreditation, training and technical support for over 6,000 energy assessors. We also provide training and hold a register for those undertaking ESOS audits.

Where are you?
Our headquarters is in Lutterworth, Leicestershire  

How’s business at the moment?
Business is good, we have recently launched new energy assessment software apps with a broad use across apple and android devices. We’re also excited about our new tool for GDIPs and our ECO2 software.

How could business be better?
Everyone in this industry would benefit from a more consistent strategy from government on tackling energy inefficiency and fuel poverty.  We have created our own manifesto which outlines how energy policy could be improved. You can find a copy on our website at www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk.

Who do you admire in renewables/energy efficiency?
There’s no one I admire more than those small businesses on the ground whose job it is to go out there and sell the vision whilst working within a restrictive framework. They’ve seen many changes in this industry and know that policy can take them in a new direction at any time. I hope one day this will change.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
Never stop listening to your customers. They only need you if you can make life better for them.