Q&A – Philip Hildrup

Philip Hildrup is sales director at Right2Impvoe

REI: What you got planned for the rest of 2015? PH: The main focus for me for 2015 is to introduce one of our manufacturers’ new products – the Blueberry Smart Hub. It allows the customer to monitor, control and budget what they are spending on their heating and hot water. As a distributor of the Blueberry Smart Hub, we are able to not only provide the consumer with a great product, but it will also help us build a relationship with them by communicating via the hub to make further savings and tweaks.

What do you see as the growth area of renewables? I believe that one of the biggest areas for growth in renewable energy lies in thermodynamic technology, which we supply. The main benefits of using a thermodynamic system when compared to solar thermal is that it does not require any maintenance, the system works day and night as it uses the ambient temperature to heat the hot water, and a thermodynamic panel does not require a south facing roof.

How is your company cutting its carbon footprint? Currently our head office in Chelmsford has ten PV panels and one thermodynamic system. This year we will be installing the Blueberry Smart Hub which will enable us to analyse and budget how much we want to spend on our central heating.