Q&A – Happy Energy

Adrian Wright is CEO of Happy Energy

REI: What have you got planned for the rest of 2015?
AW: A particular holy grail of ours is to offer whole house upgrades such as led lighting, insulation, biomass, solar PV and solar thermal to our customers rather than focus on one or two measures. We will be looking to continue to drive this offer and also expand our renewable energy offer, looking at new ways of packaging up finance for products to give a new type of offering to our customers

What do you see as the growth area for renewables?
I can see biomass demand dropping off fairly quickly as the tariff continues to be reduced through degression but, as we witnessed with solar PV, this may make way for lower cost boilers to come onto the market making biomass a more affordable proposition given the lower returns that will be provided through the RHI.

How is your company cutting its carbon footprint?
Our head office here at Pool Innovation Centre in Cornwall has been designed and built to the BREEAM Excellence standard, and uses 60 percent less energy than a conventional office building thanks to its innovative eco-friendly design.

In addition to this our installation depot in Perranporth has been fitted with our own biomass boilers to become energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.

The office is largely paperless thanks to the use of safe and secure online systems to process and store much of our administrative ‘paperwork’.