Pollard’s Patter

By the time you read this we will probably know the outcome of the general election, although we may not know the make-up of the government? Whatever the outcome, it will be important for the future of the renewables market. As things currently stand, the RHI has a budget until 2016.

However, as we all know, a general election can change things. A returned government will see a new mandate and, in all likelihood, some personnel changes as a catalyst for change. Of course, this needn’t be a bad thing. We may see some new or improved initiatives to encourage the take up of renewables. But, by and large, what industry really cries out for is stability and consistency.

We make investment decisions which are based in forecasts for 1-20 years or even longer. Installers must make decisions around training and accreditation which require a healthy market to justify the costs involved. Manufacturers will need to justify the return on substantial capital investments in facilities, plant and people. Merchants need security that investment in stock, training, marketing and staff can be rewarded by market opportunity. Lastly, consumers need to understand that decisions they make will not be undermined financially or practically.

I know that change is inevitable and can sometimes be really beneficial but a consistent ‘direction of travel’ for the benefit of all would be my plea.