Pollard’s patter

I am currently immersed in the Energy Related Products (ErP) directive. You may know that from 26 September it becomes mandatory for most heating devices to be ErP compliant and to carry an energy label. This includes air source, water source or ground source heat pumps. Furthermore, where a defined set of components are installed together, then there is a need for a ‘Package Label’ which could include a solar thermal device.

Now I know that some will see this as yet another regulatory burden, although by far the greatest impact will fall onto manufacturers. However, energy labelling has become widely understood in other sectors, most notably in white good and home appliances.

In addition, since heat pumps are likely to be rated as either A+ or A++, it makes it a whole lot easier to explain the benefits of choosing a renewable heating device and the concept of cost of ownership. I think that awakening consumer interest may even be instrumental in changing the view of heating selection from a painful necessity into an aspirational exercise. This is further enhanced with the role out of smart meters and the internet of things, or ‘widgets with digits’ as I call it.

We think that it is so important that we are about to launch in to a 40 venue tour of the UK to explain the basics of ErP and labelling to our customers and what it means to manufacturers, merchants, installers and consumers.