AIRMatic from Rural Energy

rural energy rendering
Rural Energy has launched the AIRMatic biomass space heater.

The AIRMatic is a standalone, modular biomass unit developed specifically to heat large volume spaces.

Powered by a wood pellet boiler from Herz, all the AIRMatic needs is a single-phase 230V electrical supply, space for flue penetration, a water supply and a level floor.

According to Rural Energy, the boiler is RHI compliant and can provide an income of up to £135,000 over a 20 year period.

Paul Clark, managing director of Rural Energy, said: “The AIRMatic addresses a real gap in the current biomass market and provides warehouse owners and managers with an easy, off-the-shelf solution that will pay dividends. We are well aware that in warehousing space is at a premium, but with the AIRMatic only a couple of spare square metres are needed to make the switch to biomass.”