Uponor unveils thinnest UFH system

Uponor has launched its thinnest UFH system – the Minitec UFH.

With a finished installation height that can add as little as 2cms to any floor, the company says Minitec can be installed on top of existing screed or tile floors with minimal application penetration required.

The water-based system can be installed by just one installer, and uses adhesive panels with raised foil naps and prepared grooves to guide the pipe loops which can be laid at 45 and 90 degree angles, depending on the requirement. Pipes can be clicked into place without the need for specialist tools.

Neil Young, applications manager – indoor climate at Uponor, said: “Underfloor heating has finally shed its tag as a luxury product solely reserved for new-build properties. Given its low operational temperature requirements, it’s one of the most energy efficient heating technologies on the market – especially if partnered with an air source of ground source heat pump.

“We believe Minitec will allow installers to embrace the rise in demand for retrofit UFH installations but on a much better time scale. Similarly, existing homeowners will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a UFH system without the inconvenience of a long installation process or noticeable loss in room height.”