Pollard’s Patter

As I write this column, the announcement has come through from DECC of another degression in the domestic RHI biomass tariff from 10.98p/kWh to 8.93p/kWh, coming into effect 1 April 2015. I understand that there is a fixed budget and that the uptake for biomass has been dramatically increased, but it seems a huge shame to ‘punish’ the technology which has been the most popular choice for householders. It is also true to say that the inevitable ‘feeding frenzy’ which came after the last announcement of the January degression has undoubtedly been the major factor in the next degression and exceeding the super trigger point.

The options for those requiring high temperature devices in buildings where improving insulation and air tightness are both disruptive and expensive, are few. I do hope that we don’t cut off the options of renewable heat to some of those who have suffered from some of the most challenging circumstances over the last few years.

Let us also hope that we see a marked uptake in some of the other technologies where the RHI seems to have been less effective. There should be opportunities for all of them if householders choose the most appropriate solutions for their individual requirements. Perhaps the introduction of third party finance options will open a few doors, if there is a successful conclusion to the current consultation? We have a cracking range of products in all the RHI technology groups and we are proud of our service offer to our valued customers. Some of the latest developments will undoubtedly increase the potential for more widespread and different applications.