SunEdison offers homeowner energy saving plan

SunEdison has launched its new SunEdison Energy Saver Plan which allows homeowners to save up to 15 percent on electricity bills via solar at no upfront cost.

SunEdison says it is the first company to offer a PPA arrangement to the UK residential market. The plan covers all installation costs, maintenance and insurance of the PV system plus a performance guarantee. SunEdison is able to receive Feed-in Tariff payments whilst electricity is sold to the homeowner at a discounted price.

Mark Babcock, vice president of SunEdison residential and small commercial Europe, said: “The new SunEdison Home Saver Plan represents a step-change that revolutionises access to solar for UK homeowners. To simplify the process of going solar, we’ve removed the biggest barrier – the upfront purchase cost.

“We anticipate high demand for this no cost way to save money immediately. We believe everyone should have access to solar energy and we are paving the way for this to happen.”